What cruiser features are useful to you!

What cruiser features are useful to you!

Our cruisers are meticulously outfitted to guarantee a secure, cozy, and worry-free vacation experience. Each vessel is equipped with the following amenities as part of our standard offering:

240v Electricity

The electrical system on all of our cruisers operates through a bank of 12v batteries connected to a 12v-240v inverter, providing power to the 240v system on board. It is important to ensure that any mains electrical devices you bring are compatible with 240v and do not exceed 1200w. Devices surpassing 1000w should only be used when the engine is running in neutral to prevent excessive battery drain.

It’s essential to note that unlike main electricity, our power supply is not unlimited. Using power without running the engine will deplete the battery. We highly recommend cruising for a minimum of 4-5 hours per day to maintain a charged battery.

Fully Equipped Galley

The galley on all of our cruisers has with gas cooker & hob and electric fridge, they come equipped with crockery, cutlery, sauce pans and utensils.

Warm Air or Radiator Heating

All of our cruisers operate a warm air or radiator heating system on board.


Duvets Pillows and linen are supplied. Extra bedding for your stay can be provided at a small additional cost. You are welcome to bring your own blankets or extra bedding.


Each boat has a digital television, radio and CD player onboard

Deck gear

Including a boat hook, life belt, anchors & ropes.


All boats are fitted with a life ring, smoke and CO alarm, fire extinguisher, fire blanket and smoke and CO alarms. We also provide life jackets and buoyancy aids for all passengers.

In addition, certain boats are equipped with additional amenities to enhance your overall comfort during your stay. For more detailed information, please refer to the “key features” section specific to each cruiser.

Bow Thrusters

Commonly found on larger or more modern cruisers, bow thrusters are additional propellers positioned at the front of the boat, on either side of the bow. They are typically operated using a joystick-style control at the helm. When engaged, bow thrusters exert lateral force, assisting with maneuverability by pushing the front end of the boat to the left or right.

Certain cruisers may be equipped with both bow thrusters at the front and stern thrusters at the back, further facilitating maneuvering. This allows the entire boat to be pushed in parallel to the left or right, making it exceptionally convenient for navigating into tight mooring spaces. Additionally, these boats can pivot themselves, making turning within confined areas a breeze.

To identify boats featuring bow and/or stern thrusters, look for the corresponding symbol in the key features section.

External shore power connection

Apart from the battery and inverter, certain cruisers in our fleet are equipped with an external shore power connection. This connection allows you to link the cruiser to a nearby electricity point.

If you opt for a cruiser with a shore power connection, we highly recommend utilizing it whenever feasible. This connection not only supplies power directly but also charges the batteries simultaneously, eliminating the need to run the engine. Instructions on how to utilize the external shore power connection can be found in the Skippers Manual provided on board each cruiser.

The presence of an external shore power connection will be specified in the features listed for each cruiser.


Complimentary microwaves are provided on the majority of our cruisers. However, it is necessary to request them in advance either by phone prior to your arrival or through the online My Account facility. To select the microwave option, navigate to the “Extras” section and check the corresponding box.

If you choose to have a microwave on board, please note that its operation consumes a significant amount of battery power. Therefore, it is important to run the engine in neutral while using the microwave to minimise battery drainage.