Finding the right cruiser for you!

Discovering the ideal cruiser for your needs

Amidst the multitude of boat options available, selecting the perfect holiday cruiser can feel overwhelming. Prior to reaching a decision, consider the following factors.

Cruiser Dimensions

Our diverse range of boats can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 12 individuals. When selecting your cruiser, a key consideration is whether you prefer to utilise the saloon as a sleeping space by converting the seating area into a bed each night.

Steering Positions

Dual Steering

Elegant and contemporary in appearance, these boats boast an interior forward steering position as well as an outdoor steering position on the upper deck. The upper sundeck of each boat varies, with possible amenities such as seating, dining areas, and sunbeds.

However, it is important to note that there are steps between these two positions, which may pose challenges for individuals with limited mobility. Additionally, due to their height, these cruisers may encounter difficulties passing under certain bridges on the Broads.

Front Steering

Cruisers equipped with a forward steering position offer a single-level layout, making them ideal for families with young children or individuals who face challenges with stairs. These boats typically feature either a sunroof or full/split sliding canopies over the saloon area. While these coverings are perfect for enjoying pleasant weather, they may allow drafts during strong winds.

However, it’s important to note that visibility can be slightly compromised on these types of boats. The forward steering position makes it more challenging to observe the rear of the boat during manoeuvres. The low profile of these vessels presents both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, they are more likely to fit under low Broads bridges. On the other hand, their lower position in the water may hinder visibility over high river banks.

Central Steering

These boats feature an elevated centre cockpit that provides excellent visibility all around. In the raised saloon situated behind the helm, you’ll typically find additional seating, ensuring that everyone enjoys a splendid view of the river banks.

Most of these boats are equipped with a sliding canopy, which can be manually operated or controlled by a winch. Similar to the single-level cruisers, these boats may experience some leakage and drafts around the canopy during inclement weather conditions.

It’s worth noting that these boats are generally able to pass under most bridges by lowering the canopy and windscreen, although there may be a few exceptions where certain bridges pose limitations.

Aft Cockpit

Aft Cockpit boats typically feature a cabin with a rear entrance and a foldable canvas canopy over the seating area at the back, allowing for open-air dining when lowered. It’s important to mention that the canopies on these cruisers are usually secured with press-studs along the outer edge, which may require more time and effort to open or close compared to a sliding canopy.

Due to the need to steer these boats from the exterior, they are not recommended for use in extremely cold weather conditions.

Mobility Convenience

The forward steering boats with their low, single-level design are particularly well-suited for individuals with limited mobility.

Unlock Enhanced Convenience

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